Payment Plans

At Somerset Bridal we understand that your wedding gown is not only going to be the most important dress you are ever going to wear but also the most expensive!  We also recognise the dresses we sell are not cheap (between £500 and £5000) and this is a considerable amount of money for anybody to spend.  We have tried cheaper designers but have found unfortunately that they do not offer the structure, cut or fit that is essential for the plus sized lady.

Our usual payment requirements are 50% deposit at time of ordering, followed by the balance becoming due when the dress is ready for delivery to us (usually 12-20 weeks dependent on designer)  Even for our lowest price gown, at £500, this means 2 payments of £250.

To assist our brides in their quest for their dream dress we have decided to introduce Payment Plans, which will allow a bride to secure their gown for a 25% deposit, followed by 9 monthly instalments on 0% credit.   A credit reference check is not required, all we need from you is a commitment to make the monthly payments.

So how does it work??

Below are some examples of the deposit and payments required for the different order totals (we are able to spread the cost of your entire outfit, not just your dress)* 

For further information, and to see our full Terms and Conditions for our Payment Plan.

*T&Cs apply.

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

  • Payment plans are only available to customers with a minimum of 12 months from the date of placing the order to their wedding date.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the order total is payable at the time of placing the order.

  • Your first payment will be due 1 calendar month from the date of paying the deposit (or on a date to be agreed with Somerset Bridal) with subsequent payments due at 1 calendar month intervals. 

  • Subsequent payments must be paid by Standing Order, BACS, Debit Card or in Cash.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to accept Credit Cards for Payment Plans due to the costs incurred from the credit card companies.

  • The customer is fully responsible for cancelling any automatic payment method (ie Standing Order) at the end of the Payment Plan period.

  • Careful consideration should be given to payment dates as returned payments will terminate the contract with immediate effect and the full balance will become immediately payable.

  • Once the customer has paid approximately 50% of their gown an order will be placed with the supplier.  The gown will be delivered to Somerset Bridal approximately 12-20 weeks from the date of order with the supplier.

  • Unlike our usual deposit/balance method of payment, the balance IS NOT due when the gown is delivered, but monthly payments must continue as agreed until the gown is paid in full.

  • In the event of the wedding being postponed/cancelled during the first 3 months of the Payment Plan Contract any money paid is non-refundable.

  • In the event of the wedding being postponed/cancelled in the subsequent months any payments made will be non refundable PLUS the customer will be required to pay the balance of the order as the dress will have been manufactured.

  • Failure to make payment on the agreed date will invalidate your Payment Plan and any money remaining will become immediately payable in full.

  • The cost of the gown DOES NOT include alterations and unfortunately we are not able to offer a Payment Plan for this cost as all seamstresses that carry out work for Somerset Bridal customers are self employed and paid directly by the customer. 

  • All gowns remain the property of Somerset Bridal Boutique until the final payment has been made.

  • At the point of making the final payment your contract with Somerset Bridal to supply the gown is complete.